Tips On Selling Your Business

Looking for helpful tips on selling your business?  You’ve come to the right place to get started.

If you’re like most of my web visitors, you have put forth a lot of time, effort, and equity into creating, building, and growing your business…

And now you’re looking to sell.


Your goal is to get as good of a deal as possible.  The definition of a ‘good deal’ varies from individual to individual, but the better you set up your business for sales, the more likely you are to get the deal you desire.


The biggest mistakes I see sellers make is that they value to their business from their perspective, rather than viewing it from the perspective of the buyer.

The major reason is that emotions come into play.  As a business owner, you’ve put your blood, sweat, and tears into your business.  You’ve continuously sacrificed, missing out on birthdays, school plays, and several other family events in order to make this business a success.

Now it’s your time to get paid.

However, from the buyer’s perspective, they don’t care about any of that.  They want to know that this business can continue to make a profit without you in the mix.

The more you can do to prove this to the buyer, the better chance you have of getting the outcome you desire.

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7 Helpful Articles | Tips On Selling Your Business

Here are 7 articles I’ve written to provide you with tips on selling your business.  The reason I’ve chosen to highlight these is because these articles are answers to questions that I face the most.  Click the link to read the article:

On this website, you’ll find many other helpful articles with tips on selling your business in the blog pages.  We’ve also got some helpful tools and a checklist you can download to better help you prepare.  Of course, if you want to talk to someone directly, you can reach out to us on our Contact Page.